Zynga Bingo, Is It Any Good?

Feb 21, 2012

I’ve had the opportunity to play Zynga Bingo for a couple of days now.

Is it different that any other igaming bingo site? Yes there are a few differences,

  • You can’t win any real money at Zynga Bingo

  •  Zynga teach the player how to play the game by showing game hints along the way (Application hints)

  • Like other games from Zynga uses more game mechanics like levels, points and progression (among others)

  • Zynga have different Bingo Rooms. Some you can’t access unless you have reached a certain level

So is Zynga better? I am not sure. There are a couple of things that didn’t work very well. For instance you need to daub every number yourself which makes it hard to have a large number of bingo tickets and chat at the same time.

But igaming bingo sites can learn from Zynga when it comes to implementing more game mechanics into the game, and I really like the idea of gaining access to bingo rooms after your reached a certain level in the game.

See you in the bingo rooms!


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©2024 USERINTERACTIONS Helsingborg

©2024 USERINTERACTIONS Helsingborg