A few betting ideas

"Innovations in the sports betting industry are hard to find. Sports betting has been the same for ages and needs fresh ideas to attract new target groups."

Staffan Schröder

My betting ideas

The optimal tool for operators to give their players a personalized delightful player experience. Stay tuned for more info!


Win over your opponent! A new round where you pick your cards start every five minutes.


Do you love quizzes and sports betting? Then this concept is for you!


Want to bet on events you are attending? Then this is a concept for you!


If you aren't sure what to bet on the TagBet is the game for you. Bet behind your friends or favorite player.


Want to play on different events depending on preferences? Then this concept is for you!

More ideas to come

Stay tunned. You'll see more of my betting ideas soon!
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Interested in an idea?

Please get in touch if you are interested in getting to know more about an idea. I'm always open for collaborations to see the ideas come to life. Send me an e-mail at staffan.schroder@gmail.com


Staffan Schröder

Owner of UXiGaming

I work as a Senior User Experience Designer at inUse, with special focus on igaming and user experience. I've previously worked at Boss Media as Head of User Experience and Portal Product Manager.

If you need any help when it comes to player experience, or have an idea you want to discuss then send me an e-mail.

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