Wish I Could Attend EGR Live

Jun 2, 2010

EGR Live is a free conference and exhibition taking place in London in a few weeks.

The conference is what interest me the most and a few sessions are really something I would like to attend.

Sessions of interests

  • Yahoo Research: Understanding the online gambler

  • How the online gaming industry is going mainstream

  • Spotlight on alternative games

  • Moving on up: Mobile gaming update

  • How to…Improve your player experience

  • CEO Panel

  • Power bingo

  • Spotlight on sports betting: Innovation and expansion

  • Reward and retain: How to keep your customers

  • Social media

The two that will be most interesting is the ”Yahoo Research: Understanding the online gambler” and ”How to … improve your player experience” since they are very much in my field of work.

The ”Spotlight on sports betting: Innovation and expansion” session will be interesting too, especially since I am planning on doing a sportsbook study during the summer.

Any chance there will be live streaming from the sessions? Or maybe someone want to sponsor me a trip to EGR Live 


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