Will Bwin.party Be A Success?

Mar 31, 2011

The merger between bwin and PartyGaming was completed today and the new company bwin.party (this used to be linked bwinparty.com but they asked me to remove the link) is launched.

It is interesting to read that bwin.party (this used to be linked bwinparty.com but bwin.party asked me to remove the link) will focus on customer experience, on the website you can read their strategy (this used to be linked bwin.party but they asked me to remove the link) and among other things they say ”Both bwin and PartyGaming’s success has been borne out of an ability to innovate and a willingness to invest in developing the best products and brands.  Our drive and determination to remain at the vanguard of the industry has seen both businesses expand into new areas and develop new and innovative products – this at the very heart of our success and is part of our DNA. Despite being less than 15 years old, our respective brands and products are already some of the strongest in the industry – we want to make them stronger through delivery of the best customer experience, irrespective of product or channel.

It feels really good that bwin.party state that they want to deliver the best customer experience and it will be really interesting to see how they plan to do it.

Will bwin.party continue to have different products (software) for sports betting (bwin and PartyBets)and poker (Ongame and PartyPoker)? Or will the focus on one product to save money? Ongame is according to eGaming Review likely to be sold. We will probably have the answer in the near future.

I believe that bwin.party (this used to be linked bwinparty.com but they asked me to remove the link) needs to have a customer experience strategy (bwin.party (this used to be linked bwinparty.com but they asked me to remove the link) probably already do, otherwise contact me and we’ll help you out!) putting their players in the center and build an ecosystem around it no matter if the players want to use a smartphone, an iPad or a computer to play.


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