Where Should A Sportsbook’s Search Function Be Placed?

Oct 3, 2012

Image 1. Betsson places their search function to the left.

Many sportsbooks today have a search function on their portal. But where should it be placed on the page?

Below you can see where six sportsbooks’ have placed their search function.

To the left

Image 2. Paddy Power also place their search to the left.

Image 3. Unibet’s search can be found to the left.

In the middle

Image 4. Ladbrokes search is in the middle of the page.

Image 5. Sportingbet centres their search function.

To the right

Image 6. William Hill place their search to the right.

Which is the correct place?

I am sure that there is a lot of user testing and data behind the decision on where to place the search function, at least I hope so, and if not then I can help out 

I believe that the search function is much more visible if placed in the middle of the page and if you have a really good search function then I would recommend that position, but make sure it is a great search function. I wrote a blog post last year about search and search results where a few sportsbooks’ search was really bad.


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