When Will We See IPhone Apps From Major Poker Sites?

Oct 14, 2009

Image 1. When will we see iPhone poker apps?

When will we see iPhone Apps from the big poker sites?

I know that you can’t play for money on iPhone Apps, but all major poker sites also have a ”for fun” site (usually the same url as the normal site but ”.net” insted). So why not make an iPhone App for your ”for fun” site?

This would be good move for a number of reasons:

  • You will get knowledge on building iPhone Apps.

  • You will be able to attract players to play on your site even when they aren’t at the computer

  • You have an iPhone app ready if it will be legal to play for money

When building an iPhone app you need to really think about in what situations players will use it and probably make restrictions compared to the download poker client. I for instance think that playing at one table will be enough when you use the iPhone.

At inUse we’ve developed a few iPhone apps:

So if you are thinking about doing an iPhone Poker App and need some design expertise then don’t hesitate to contact me and inUse 


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