What Is The Difference Between Casino Red & Casino Black At Unibet?

Mar 1, 2012

Image 1. Casino Red at Unibet.com

Casino Red or Casino Black? Which should the player choose?

Unibet have three tabs for casino games on the portal. One called ”Casino Red”, one ”Casino Black” and ”Live Casino”. I consider myself a pretty experienced casino games player and I can understand what ”Live Casino” is, but I can’t figure out the difference between Casino Red and Casino Black.

Image 2. Casino Black at Unibet.com

Both tabs looks very similar offering casino games. But how will a new player know what he/she should choose? Is Red better than Black? Is Black better than Red?

The idea of choosing two tabs for their casino games can’t be based on player demands! Do I as a player want the casino games separated in a way that I can’t figure out?

Instead the solution is most likely based on the fact that Unibet has more than one supplier of casino games for their portal, and they haven’t created a solution where the games from different suppliers are mixed.

I think it is a solution based on technology and it seems that Unibet didn’t think that much about the player when creating the two tabs.

It can be done much better!


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