Want To Be The Best Gaming Operator? Then Put Focus On And Invest Money Into Player Experience!

May 26, 2010

According to an article in iGaming Business are bingo.com showing a decline in revenues. The explanation was a ‘decrease in cash game play particularly cash slots play in the new gaming platform’. I hope bingo.com have made some kind of usability studies before switching to a new gaming platform to make sure their players will enjoy it and play as much as they did on the old platform.

To me it sounds like there is a player experience problem when players after a change stop doing something they did before.

In an article in Egaming Review today there was a note about Wimax, a poker operator, getting a €12 million investment from AGF. Marc Simoncini, head of Winamax Holdings, says they will make big marketing investments in order to make Winamax one of the top two poker sites in France.

After going to the Wimax portal I believe they should invest some of that money in player experience as well.

To be one of the best poker sites you need to put a lot of focus on the player experience. All the way from when a potential player arrives on your portal to when he is playing poker and depositing money.

My first observation after using the Wimax portal for a while is that it is pretty similar to many other small poker sites on the web today. So to be able to achieve their business goal they need to invest some time and money in player experience on the portal.


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