Virgin Poker Makes A Big User Experience Rookie Mistake!

Jan 4, 2012

Image 1. ”Download and install…”

It is 2012! More and more igaming companies are thinking about player experience, so I was extremely disappointed when I visited Virgin Poker earlier today.

On their poker start page they seem to have a lot of focus on getting the visitor to download their poker software. As you can see in image 1 and 2.

Image 2. ”Download & Play” button

I visited Virgin Poker using my mac, and I clicked on the ”Download and install the Virgin Poker client” link. Guess what happened? I started to download an exe-file! Exe-files doesn’t run on the mac do they?

So what is Virgin Poker doing wrong?

Well they should inform me as a potential customer that the client only works on a PC, and not having me finding it out after I’ve started to download the client!

I guess Virgin Poker doesn’t have anyone thinking about the player experience, otherwise they would not make such a rookie mistake. It is not even worth doing a redesign on 


Ps. I’ll hopefully be at ICE later this month. Wanna meet up and discuss player experience? Ds.

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