Unibet Should Optimize Their Screen Real Estate!

Aug 18, 2009

Unibet’s instant poker page.

I’ve played poker at Unibet for a while and I get frustrated every time I start the instant poker client.

Unibet has made a page where there are 3 steps you have to do before you can play.

  1. Register an account at Unibet

  2. Create a poker alias

  3. Start instant poker client

I did all 3 steps the first time and every time after that I only need to start the poker client. But what is a bit confusing is that Unibet still shows the same page with the 3 steps everytime I want to start the instant poker client. Why not make better use of the screen real estate?

Unibet should use the screen real estate for things interesting for me as a regular player and not think of me as a beginner.

Since they know I’ve completed steps 1 and 2 Unibet also knows that my main player goal is to start the instant poker client.

I would actually skip the page all together and just start the poker client when the player click on the ”Play without download” button on the previous page.


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