Unibet Launching New Poker Software. Is It The Right Move?

Dec 4, 2013

Image 1. PC instructions when I access the poker page using my mac.

Unibet today announced that they will launch their own poker software and leave the Microgaming Poker Network.

I understand that Unibet needs to do something since their poker has been declining for a year now, but do they have enough players to not be part of a network? I am not sure, but it will be really interesting to see.

What I hope is that their future poker experience will be a lot better than it is today. One example of pretty bad user experience is when you access their poker page with a mac using Maverick then it seems like they don’t recognize me being on a mac. Instead I get the download & Play button (which only works for a PC) and I get installation instructions for the PC. This is really bad!

It will be really interesting to see Unibet’s new poker software and I hope it will be a great improvement in user experience.


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