Treat Your Potential Customer With Respect!

May 27, 2014

Image 1. startpage

iGaming portals try to get new customer in many different ways, usually by giving the customer something when they sign up. I for one am not sure that bonuses are the best way to attract new players, but I am sure it is not the best way to keep them! The best way to keep players playing is to give them a great player experience no matter which device or situation they are in. is a new igaming portal and they are trying to get new players by giving them a ”Casino Welcome Package” where the player gets €150 plus 150 free spins. At least that is the illusion you get when you go to (see image 1).

If I were a new player then I would assume that by signing up I would get the welcome package so I of course I signed up. But after the registration process there is no indication that I got the bonus.

Image 2. Superlenny’s promotion page

So I did a little bit of digging around the site and found their ”Specials” page where it still says that you get 150 free spins and € 150. But here is a read more link and when you go there you find out that you actually do not get the ”Casino Welcome Package”

Image 3. Promotion details

Instead you have to make a deposit of €50 to get a €50 bonus plus 50 free spins. And to be able to get the 150 free spins and €150 bonus money the player actually have to deposit €150   (€50 three times).

This is not really what the start page says! And it is not the best way to start a long relationship with a new player!


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