Switchpoker.com Launch Real Money Poker For The IPhone And IPad But Will It Be Successful?

Oct 12, 2010

Switch Poker have developed a poker client using JavaScript and HTML which you can play on many browsers as well as on the iPhone and iPad. This is the first time you can play on your iPhone and iPad with real money.

Image 1. Switch Poker’s lobby

Will it be successful?

I think it is great that Switch Poker have developed a client that works on the iPhone and iPad but I believe there are a few things missing for Switch Poker to be really successful.

  • No support: Only way to communicate and get help is by e-mail

  • No company information: There is no company information on the portal

  • Not enough functionality compared to the competition: The client is missing a lot of functionality

  • Design and user experience not good enough: The user interface isn’t that great. Looks like Switch Poker wanted to release the client fast and weren’t quit done

The idea is great!

I think it is a great concept with a poker client in just JavaScript and HTML that works in many browsers and on the iPhone and iPad as well. But for me it is not a good alternative yet to playing on Full Tilt Poker or PokerStars.

Switch Poker has a long way to go to be really a big player in the poker community. And I am sure that the big players are also developing clients that will work on the iPhone and iPad. If they don’t then the should look into buying Switch Poker and develop their own client from it.


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