Reflections From ICE 2012

Jan 29, 2012

Image 1. 3D games. Any good? 

ICE took place earlier this week and I had the opportunity to visit for the fourth year in a row. This year I could unfortunately only be in London for a single day, the thursday. It was a good visit with a short presentation about the future sportsbook interface as well as a few really promising meetings.

I took the time to walk around ICE for a couple of hours to just get the feel for what new important trends I could find. Did I find any? Well Earl’s Court was really packed, it felt like there were more companies exhibiting this year. Could this be because it was the last time at Earl’s Court?

It was also interesting to see that there weren’t that many really new innovative things, nothing that makes me say ”Wow!”. Of course all the big players have mobile games, but it seems like it is more important to have mobile games that too have really good mobile games that think about the different situations you might be in when you play. So plenty of room for improvement there! 

I was also hoping to see more products that would care about the complete player experience. From the registration to when you play games on different devices.

Below you’ll see a few photos from the show. Enjoy!


Image 2. Amazed to still find these kind of products. Who want to play against others by looking at a computer?

Image 3. I was surprised to such a small stand for IGT’s interactive section.

Image 4. Playtech sure had the biggest stand in the igaming section of ICE.

Image 5. GtechG2 showed off their tablet and smartphone games. 

Image 6. My presentation ”Mobile Sportsbook 2.0” was part of the Future of Gaming seminar section.

Image 7. My presentation ”Mobile Sportsbook 2.0”

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