Redesign In 20 Minutes (4) – Sportingbet Promo Page

Jul 19, 2009

I play poker at on a regular basis and today when I wanted to check my gaming history at Sportingbet.

When I looked around on the portal I noticed the Promo page (I was on the Swedish site) and I was surprised that the promos they had their wasn’t personalised after who I was.

For instance there were these promos:

  • ”Welcome to Sportingbet. 300 Swedish kronor bonus for  all new players”

  • ”€500 Sign up bonus”

Why do they have these promos for me when they know that I’ve been a Sportingbet player for a few years?

Insted they should have promos significant to what I’ve done previously. They know my gaming history, how much I usually add to my account when I add funds and how often I play.

So in my case better promos would be:

  • ”Win a trip to Vegas tonight at the 7 pm €10/€1 tournament. Click here to register!”

  • ”Play poker with your friends. Invite them and get a €100 bonus!”

I think Sportingbet should take it a step further than offering a promo page. They should show the promos on the start page right after I’ve logged in!

So today’s redesign is only changing a few banners on  their promo page, but it is a big difference to offer personalised promos based on previous gaming history from todays static promos.


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