Redesign In 20 Minutes (15) – Ongame Network’s CoinFlip Sit & Go

Dec 21, 2009

OnGame Network have a new Sit & Go Coinflip, generating 10,000 plays per day.

I had to try it out since I really enjoy playing around with new features.

It is a fun new game which just last about 10 seconds. But it takes longer to register for  a new Coinflip. You have to click three times before being back in the lobby and then another three clicks before you are registered for a new game.

So 6 clicks before you are seated at a new game. This is way too long! This could be done much better. You should always offer the player to play again when he is at the table.

So all I’ve done in this weeks redesign is to change the ”OK” button to be two buttons, one saying ”Play again” which register the player for another game and anther button ”Cancel” which takes the player back to the lobby.


Image 1. How it looks today.

Image 2. My suggestion.

It is my strong belief that adding the ”Play again” button will increase the number of played hands significantly!


Ps. I thought of an even better solution that probably won’t need any new development at all. But that’s for another time  Ds.

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©2024 USERINTERACTIONS Helsingborg

©2024 USERINTERACTIONS Helsingborg