PokerStars Has A New Desktop Client In The Works

Nov 15, 2012

Image 1: The upcoming PokerStars lobby (image from

I’ve been way too busy the last couple of weeks so I missed that PokerStars showed their upcoming new desktop client at the PokerStars VIP Club live party in London more than a month ago.

The new client, PokerStars 7, will go into a closed beta soon and it will be interesting to see some more details on what have been changed from the current client.

In the article from pokerfuse you can read that there has been a focus on simplifying the experience for new players.

But from my first impression the new lobby looks really confusing. I am sure that there are other layouts for finding a table to play at and I hope that they’ve done plenty of usability tests. I have to wait to find out until they release it since I don’t have access to the closed beta. Maybe someone from PokerStars read this post and could give me a beta invite? 


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