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Jun 14, 2009

Today many of the largest poker networks give mac users the possibility to play poker in their network.

According to the largest poker networks are;

  1. PokerStars

  2. Full Tilt Poker

  3. iPoker Network

  4. PartyPoker (this used to be linked but asked me to remove the link)

  5. Cereus Network

  6. Everest Poker

  7. Microgaming

  8. Ongame Network

  9. IPN

  10. CakePoker Network

In all but 3 ( iPoker, Everest Poker and CakePoker Networks) a mac user can play poker, either with an instant or a download version of the poker client.

It is great to see that mac users can play poker as well. The number of mac users increase so it is a good business decision to offer a version for them too.

In the image at the top you see something that I come across very often. Many poker portals have a "Download" button. The problem with this is that they normally show the button even for mac users when they only offer a PC version. This makes the player thinking he can play poker there with a mac. Then he clicks on the link and hopefully notices that he downloaded an EXE-file. A much better solution would be having the button say "Download for PC users" when a mac user visits the portal and "Download now" for the PC user.

I don't think the term "Download" is the best but that is another blog post :)


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