PaddyPower Has A ”Game Home”, A Feature I Wrote About Back In ’09

Apr 13, 2011

Image 1. PaddyPower’s Game Home

I wrote a blog post, When will games get more social & personalized content, back in November ’09 where there was a sketch showing a ”Game Home”. The concept was to have a home for each game on your gaming portal with information and features related to the game.

Today when I visited and their games section I noticed that they have implemented something very similar.

In image 1 you see PaddyPower’s ”Game Home” for BlackJack. It includes ”how to play”, ”ratings & reviews”, ”FAQs”, ”Related games” and so on.

I think it looks pretty good and below you can see my sketch.

Image 2. My concept sketch from back in 2009 (in Swedish)

My ”Game Home” concept sketch includes ”How to play”, ”This week’s best BlackJack players”, ”Related Games”, ”FAQs”, ”Challenge a friend”, ”Rate this game” and ”The Black Jack blog”.

I think PaddyPower has done a good job with their ”Game Home” and it will be interesting to see if the continue to develop it.

I guess I’ll have to continue to go over my older blog posts to see if other ideas I’ve written about are implemented on any gaming portals 


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