Only Give Your Players Relevant Information!

Aug 24, 2014

Image 1. The email from

I got an email from , a Swedish online casino established earlier this year, yesterday. I’ve played at the casino earlier, but it has been months. So the content of the email surprised me a little. The email said (see image 1)

”Hey, Lenny here! 
It is possible that you experienced some problems on my site yesterday and I are awfully sorry if this has caused a problem for you.

We have had some technical problems but my team has been working very hard to fix this and I can now happily report that everything is back and working perfectly again.

I hope you get a lot of fun on and I would once again like to apologize.”

The reason I find this email kind of strange is that I haven’t played on the site when they had problems so why tell me about it?

If I worked at and would want to inform my customers (players) about having problems with the site then I would only send the info to the players that actually visited the site (that info should be very easy to find out).

So I hope that next time have problems with their site and I haven’t been affected then I am not interested in knowing 


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