”Offer Of The Day” A Nice Feature From Sportingbet

Sep 26, 2012

Image 1. The ”Offer Of The Day”

I noticed a new little feature today when I visited Sportingbet’s website. The ”Offer Of The Day” is something extra Sportingbet want to offer their players for playing the same day.

This is something simple that can increase the amount of activity on Sportingbet.com and it will be interesting to see if it will, and if any of the competitors will copy the idea.

There are a few things I would change in the design to make it even better.

I would stick to the name and make it one new really nice offer every day. Not two, one. As it seems now the same offers will be there week after week. By changing the offer every day (for instance release the offer of the day at a certain time everyday and communicate it to the players) you get the players to come back more often to check it out. And you can also follow up and see which offers that work the best and which don’t work at all.

I’d also change the layout so that the offer is visible no only on the start page (sportsbook) because you might have some players not coming in through the start page and as it is now might not see the offer.

I think it is an interesting idea that could be very successful if Sportingbet put the time and effort to make it feel ”alive” and not something static that stays the same week after week.


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