Mr Green Rated Best Gambling Site In Sweden By Internetworld

Nov 12, 2009

mr Green won the prize as the best gambling site last night at Internetworld’s Top 100 Award Cermony (link in Swedish). In the overall list mr Green came in the 6th place, congratulations to everyone at mr Green!

A part of Internetworld’s motivation read:

”Mr. Green is the style and remains the most exciting gaming site. The vibrant graphics and the unique, social functions, based on this site makes us really eager to play! ….. It’s fun (and rare) with a transparent casino where the team behind the brand are visible. And the editorial team spent a lot of energy on the content. Even the error messages is actually a joy to read.” (My own translation using Google Translate)

There were three more gambling companies in the Top 100 list: Unibet (57), Betsson (53) and Svenska Spel (91).

It is noticeble that the four gambling companies in the top 100 list have really good portals and pays attention to user experience!


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