Loading A Game From Sheriff Gaming Is A Nice Experience

Apr 28, 2011

Image 1. Sheriff Gaming’s way to load a game.

I attended EGR Live this week, was one of the speakers, and one of the companies at EGR Live that caught my attention was Sheriff Gaming. Sheriff Gaming develops and licenses 3D-rendered slot games.

Sheriff Gaming loads their games in a cleaver way. It is more enjoyable for the player than other casino games out there. The way they do it is in 3 steps.

  • Step 1: A really fast loading screen which only takes a few seconds to load

  • Step 2: A cool intro movie which gives the players something to look at while the game loads in the background.

  • Step 3: The game loaded.

Doing it this way makes the experience of loading a game much better than just having the loader screen (step 1) that many game providers have today.

If the player clicks on ”Skip intro” in the second step then you get the loading screen until the game is fully loaded.

The games have the betting panel integrated in the theme which makes the games look really nice. I’ll probably do a redesign on the betting panel another time since there are a few things that could be improved


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