Kambi’s Sportsbook Is Really Nice, But Why Is It Built In Flash?

Sep 19, 2012

Image 1. The Paf website using Kambi’s sportsbook product.

Kambi, a B2B supplier of sports betting products, has developed a really good sportsbook product used by large igaming companies like Paf.com and Unibet.dk.

The sportbook design is really clean and I especially like the feature with the visible betting slip. The betslip is visible even when you scroll up and down the page.

Image 2. The betslip is always visible when you scroll the page.

Why using Flash over HTML5?

Kambi has chosen to build their sportsbook product in Flash (Adobe Flash). To me this is a very strange decision. Why not build it using HTML5 and make it adapt to different form factors. That way it could work just fine on a tablet and smartphones as well.


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