It Is Time To Build A Really Cool IPad Sportsbook Web App! Want To Do It Together?

Oct 27, 2010

Few sportsbooks have either released an iPad App or an iPad optimized website, and the ones that are released aren’t that good. Most of them are just lists where you click your way to what you want to bet on.

I believe that you have to think about when you use your iPad and build a much richer experience than just copying the website solution.

Today there are many different tools out there that can help you develop a really good iPad optimized sportsbook. One solution I’ve played around with a little is a mobile web app framework from Sencha called Sencha Touch.

It would be really cool to build a sportsbook that incorporate video and other game related material. We will also see live betting apps where the match is shown right in the betting context.

Here are a few features I believe a future iPad sportsbook web app should have:

  • Different betting views

  • Live video

  • Interviews and related content

  • Relevant matches based on betting history

  • Possibilities to use social features to invite friends to participate in a bet

  • Possibilities to suggest bets

  • Much faster ways to place bets than today

  • Easier deposits and registration processes

These are just a few features out a bunch that could make a really great player experience.

We at inUse are specialists when it comes to designing user interfaces for mobile devices and it would be really cool to team up with  sportsbook to build a really great product together. Anyone up for the challenge? 


Ps. I made the sketches using Sqetch, an illustrator wireframing toolkit. Ds.

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