I Want To Work With Igaming Projects. Need UX Help? :)

Dec 3, 2012

Need UX help?

It is almost 2013 and 2012 has been a fun year. I’ve been involved in a lot of different UX projects, but the amount of igaming projects haven’t been high enough  So that is why I’m looking for consultant assignments within the gaming industry anywhere around the Globe. It can be projects for shorter or longer periods of time.

Who am I?

Today I work as a Senior Interaction Designer at inUse with special focus on the online gaming industry.

inUse is a digital agency that assists its clients with everything from an intranet to complex web systems and apps, including the development of new digital products and services. We deliver solutions that strengthen our clients’ businesses, their trademarks and their own digital development.

I previously worked at Boss Media for four years as Head of User Experience, with responsibility for the overall user experience for all Boss Media’s products (bingo, casino, poker and back office), and Portal Product Manager.

My Linkedin profile: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=5284319

What can we do for you?

inUse and I have great gaming experience with the following:

  • Design Strategy

  • Effect mapping

  • Target group analysis

  • Usability testing

  • Interaction Design – mobile, tablet and web

  • Graphical Design

  • Prototyping

  • Writting functional specifications

  • Customer contact

  • the Product Owner role

How to contact me?

Send me an e-mail at staffan.schroder@inuse.se or give me a call (0046-761363753) and lets discuss how we can help you build great player experiences 

I might be going to ICE in February so we can meet there as well. I’m looking forward to hear from you!


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