Friend Alert – A Social Feature For Poker Clients!

Sep 11, 2009

Image 1. Friend Alerts in a poker client.

Retain your players by adding social features in your poker client!

People are social and are interested in knowing what their friends are up to but in poker clients today there are hardly any social features.

I believe having social features is good business, it will make players be more attached to you which means they will come back more often.

One social feature can be what I call ”Friend Alert”, this feature shows up as a little window in the poker client when a one of my friends do something. For example: start playing or register for a tournament. The Friend Alert will tell me and give me the option to join the same table/tournament or even invite my friend to the table I’m playing at.

There is so much interesting social features you can add to your gaming software and I’m think we will see much more of it in the next couple of years.


Ps. Want to talk about social media and igaming at EIG Expo next week? Send me an e-mail! I’ll be there listening to all the sessions. Ds.

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©2024 USERINTERACTIONS Helsingborg

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