Every Project Should Do Effect Mapping. I’m Doing An Effect Map For My IPhone Poker App!

Nov 6, 2009

At inUse we use a method called Effect Mapping to determine how we will be able to achieve the desired business goals in a project. I am applying a light version of this for my iPhone Poker App project.

Why… am I going to do this? (The effects for the business you want to achieve)

I have two business objectives with the app:

  1. Design the best iPhone multiplayer poker app on the market

  2. Make the app work with one of the biggest poker sites/networks (for fun version)

I am going to put down a couple of measure points so I can see if the project has been successful or not.

Who… will/can create the desired effects? (The groups of people affected, who have smilar needs and expectations)

I’ve choosen three primary user groups (blog post about poker user groups) for the iPhone Poker App:

  1. The entertainment player: a player who enjoys palying some poker every now and then

  2. The poker pro: a player who wants to be recognized as a great poker player.

  3. The social player: a player who enjoy playing poker while having a good time with friends.

What… do the user groups want/need? (The needs, expectations and values of the user groups)

I’ll keep this a secret for now 

How… will the iPhone App be shaped? (The design that makes the user groups succeed)

I’ll keep this a secret for now 

Doing an effect map in the beginning of a project will make it easier to focus on the important things and also prioritize features. Don’t put a feature in your product just because you can, do it because your user groups want it!


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