Did Unibet Not Think About The Player Experience When They Launched Their New Poker Product?

Mar 4, 2014

Image 1. Unibet’s poker page.

Unibet has launched its own poker plattform, been in beta for a couple of weeks, and today shut down their Microgaming client. I think it is a nice move from Unibet to launch their own product focusing on the recreational player instead of the hard-core poker players.

But it is a really strange, and a bad move, to only allow players to play using a PC after shutting down the Microgaming client. As of today you can only play poker on a PC so all players trying to use a mac, a tablet or their mobile won’t be able to play. For me as a recreational player who do not play that often might not come back later if you can’t play when you actually are at the Unibet site trying to play.

To me it seems that someone at Unibet forgot to think about the player experience, especially that players use different devices during the day.


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