Credibility Counts! Here Is An Advice For

Apr 5, 2011

Image 1. The about us page on

Today I saw a pretty cool banner on Spotify by a casino called Vera&John. I clicked on the banner and was transferred to the gaming portal. My first impression was positive; the site looks cool, have lots of games and also have customization possibilities.

I usually sign up pretty quickly to check out new gaming portals but I always try to find information about who is the operator of the gaming portal.

Credibility is one of the most important things for a player and I thought that (in the year of 2011) everyone knew that. But when you read the information on Vera&John you don’t get any information about the operator or the people behind it.

So my advice to Vera&John is to be open about who you are. Show pictures of the people running the gaming portal and you will get more players!


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