Bwin Launches Real Money Poker App For The iPhone

Jan 19, 2011

Today bwin (this used to be linked but asked me to remove the link) released a real money poker app for the iPhone (currently only available in Great Britain and Austria).

Read the press release (this used to be a link to the press release but asked me to remove the link)

I’ve just played around with it for about half an hour during my lunch break and my first impressions are mainly positive. I believe that this is great addition to the Ongame Network, especially if other partners in the network will get the app as well.

I’ll play around with it more during the next couple of days. Will give it a try on my business trip tomorrow (to see how it works during a train ride).

I wonder who will be next to release a real money iPhone app? Will we see it at ICE next week?


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