Betsson Goes Social. But Who Is The Target Audience?

Feb 4, 2013

Image 1. Welcome screen.

Last Friday Betsson launched a social game called ”MyFootball ConnectTM” in partnership with gaming company OneUp Games.

From the press release ”‘MyFootball ConnectTM’ allows players to compete against their friends during live football matches in a bingo style game. Delivering unique gameplay with a blend of skill and luck, the game features achievements, leaderboards and game room chat, combining to provide a fully engaged and social experience.

I downloaded it right away to my iPhone to try it out. After being installed I started the app and thought I could login with my Betsson account details. But guess not.

I signed up with my Facebook account, was logged in. But what should I do now? The game might be fun once you learn how to play, but there wasn’t really guidance or help so that I could learn the ”game”.

Image 2. Login screen.

I am also a little confused about who Betsson aims this social app for. Who is the target audience?

Image 3. Home screen.

If it is Betsson’s customers then I would expect being able to use my own Betsson account when signing in. But it might be for a new target audience that don’t bet on sports today?


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