Betclic Want Players To Register Without Telling Them Why They Should

Oct 23, 2012

Image 1. Betclic’s start page.

Betclic have redesigned their website. Their main goal with the start page seems to be to get visitors to register as you can see in image 1 and 2.

Image 2. Betclic’s start page with register and sports areas colorized.

As the image above shows everything in red is areas wanting players to register. Betclic do not tell the visitor why he should become a player at Betclic, they only say ”Betclic is the best live online sports betting site.

So my advice to Betclic is that if you want to attract new players then you have to tell them what is great with your site! I can think of at least 10 design changes on the start page that would help to increase the conversion rate, but that is for another blog post 


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©2024 USERINTERACTIONS Helsingborg

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