A Quick Suggestion For Betsson Poker

Jan 29, 2013

Image 1. The Microgaming alternative.

On the Betsson site you can play poker on two different networks, which are supplied by Microgaming and Ongame.

On Microgaming you can’t play if you are a mac user which I think is really strange. It is 2013 and more players start using macs every year, so why exclude som potential customers? On Ongame I can play using my mac but the strange thing on Betsson.com is that they offer me the Microgaming alternative when I click on the ”Poker” tab. Why offer me something I can’t play on?

A much better solution would be to show the Ongame alternative for mac users, and this is something that probably only takes 15 minutes to implement too 

Image 2. The Ongame alternative


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