A First Glance At Playtech’s Mobile Bingo Client (On PaddyPower)

Sep 3, 2012

Playtech just launched a bingo client for the Android platform, and I have tried it out on my Sony Xperia S visiting the PaddyPower bingo site.

I think Playtech has done a pretty decent job, but there are things that can increase the player experience. First they need to make sure that the client doesn’t crash. It happened to me 5 times in 20 minutes. Not good enough!

But I also found other things I believe need to be fixed really quickly. I’ll go over the top things on my list (send me an e-mail, staffan.schroder @ inuse.se, in case you want to discuss my other findings).

1. The buttons

All buttons in the client is really hard to tap on. Why are they so small? On average I need to tap 3 times on a button to get it to work. This is bad!

2. lobby

Image 1. The bingo lobby

The layout of the lobby is really nice but it is missing some vital information. What kind of bingo game is each room playing? I want to know if it is 75 or 90 ball bingo.

3. Deposit money

Image 2. Deposit money

This is really bad. The credit card registered to my account expired and I am not able to change it/add a new one. So I need to go to the PaddyPower website to be able to add funds to my account. This is a an issue that would keep me from playing, because I wouldn’t make the effort of going to the site and then go back to my mobile.

These were my top three findings! Have you played? What are your opinion?


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