september 30, 2010

Every details counts! An expert review helps you find inconsistencies.

NordicBet recently launched their new website and it has some great features. For instance a ”Bet Search” that works really well and helps the player place […]
september 26, 2010

Want to be the best gaming portal? Get to know your players!

It’s sunday and the first time to really sit down and relax after a busy week. This week I’ve been doing a breakfast seminar together with […]
september 20, 2010

Redesign in 20 minutes (23) – Betsson’s bingo window

  Betsson offer bingo from NYX Interactive to their players. The bingo client works well but I believe that Betsson do a mistake when they open […]
september 15, 2010

Add value not confusion when you make design changes!

PokerStars made a design change to the alert shown when you click on ”Fold” (as you can see in the image above) a while ago. I did […]
september 13, 2010

The iPad is here to stay! Customize your gaming portal for it!

Apple has sold more than 3 million iPads world wide so far! It is time to start customizing your gaming content to the plattform and not […]
september 7, 2010

Customize your content depending on player states!

Today more gaming portals focus on the player experience which is really good and I enjoy seeing new innovative features. But sometimes I come to portals […]
september 2, 2010

”Suggestion Box”: a nice feature from PaddyPower. But why is it only used in the bingo section?

”Suggestion Box” is a nice feature that PaddyPower has in their bingo section. It is just like a small banner in the bottom right corner, and […]
september 1, 2010

Redesign in 20 minutes (22) – Betfair’s header

This week I’m redesigning Betfair’s header, in the not logged in state, which I think is a cluttered with a few too many options and different […]