november 27, 2009

Use stats to personalize and save clicks for your players

It is important to help your players complete their goals. In the image above you see how 4 different poker sites, Partypoker, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker […]
november 26, 2009

Did Unibet listen to my design advice? :)

I wrote a blog post, Unibet should optimize their screen real estate, giving Unibet a design advice back in August (read the post here). And today when I played on […]
november 25, 2009

Create a global language library for your gaming portal!

Gaming portals should have a global language library (for each language) where all terms used are stored. Consistency is a big part of the player experience. […]
november 24, 2009

We will see more multiplayer slots in the future!

People like to be around other people for many different reasons, for instance be part of a group or be recognised for their skills. Playing on a […]
november 23, 2009

Redesign in 20 minutes (12) – Betsafe’s login behavior

Image 1. 8 steps to start playing Black Jack. This week’s redesign is just one quick and fast design implementation to Betsafe’s gaming portal. My design […]
november 23, 2009

Subscribe to UXiGaming’s weekly newsletter

Why not sign up for the weekly UXiGaming newsletter? The newsletter will be sent every tuesday starting December 1st. Why should you sign up? You’ll get […]
november 20, 2009

Help your players and remove all possibilites for confusion!

Betsafe’s sign up form When I created an account with Betsafe (Betsafe’s casino page will be next week’s redesign) I noticed something a little bit confusing. […]
november 19, 2009

When will games get more social & personalized content?

I believe that social fatures and personalized content will play a very big part in for the gaming experience in the next couple of years. Today […]
november 17, 2009

Paf could use their screen real estate much better

Paf’s start page Paf has a gaming portal which offers all kinds of gaming, but they don’t really use their start page to its real potential. […]
november 15, 2009

Redesign in 20 minutes (11) – PokerStars ”Fold” and ”Check” buttons

Last night when I played poker on PokerStars I incidentaly hit the ”Fold” button when I was going going to ”Check”. When I did I got […]
november 13, 2009

Did PokerStars listen to my design advice? :)

I wrote a blog post giving PokerStars a design advice back in September (read the post here). And today when I played at PokerStars I noticed that […]
november 12, 2009

mr Green rated best gambling site in Sweden by Internetworld

mr Green won the prize as the best gambling site last night at Internetworld’s Top 100 Award Cermony (link in Swedish). In the overall list mr […]
november 10, 2009

William Hill makes it hard for their players to place bets

William Hill’s start page today. It is harder than it needs to be to place a bet at William Hill. I believe this is because the […]
november 8, 2009

Redesign in 20 minutes (10) – Full Tilt’s advance action checkboxes

This week’s redesign is on a small detail on Full Tilt Poker’s client. Full Tilt Poker really has a great poker client and I often play on […]
november 6, 2009

Every project should do effect mapping. I’m doing an effect map for my iPhone Poker App!

At inUse we use a method called Effect Mapping to determine how we will be able to achieve the desired business goals in a project. I am […]
november 4, 2009

I’m giving PKR a second chance, but it takes way too long to install!

It was a couple of years ago since I tried playing at PKR but now I am going to give it another try. Last time I […]
november 3, 2009

Why do we play poker online? Here are four reasons!

Why do we play poker on Internet? From my experience there are at least four major reasons. The four reasons: Get recognition Win money For entertainment […]
november 1, 2009

Redesign in 20 minutes (9) – NordicBet’s deposit page

This week’s redesign (I know it has been a while but now it’s back) is on NordicBet’s deposit page. I signed up last night on NordicBet […]