juli 30, 2009

This week’s 20 minute redesign will be…

In this week’s 20 minute redesign I’ll look at PokerStars poker lobby. So make sure you check back on sunday for redesign suggestions. /Staffan
juli 29, 2009

Save clicks for your player!

Image 1. I play every now and then on Mr Green and I get annoyed every time when I am logging in. In the image above […]
juli 28, 2009

Player-created portal pages!

It would be really cool if players could create their own personalised gaming portal page! I call this a ”Player-created portal page”. Why not create widgets […]
juli 27, 2009

Redesign in 20 minutes (5) – Expekt.com Casino categories

Expekt.com today This week the redesign in 20 minutes is about information architecture (IA), meaning how you organise your content in the best way for your […]
juli 24, 2009

I want to attend EIG2009 :)

This year European I-Gaming Expo by Clarion Gaming takes place in Copenhagen in September. The programme looks really good and I’m really hoping to be able to […]
juli 23, 2009

Retain players using social media!

I follow PokerHeaven on Twitter and today they send the following: ”Don’t forget to sign-up for tonight’s €500 Facebook Freeroll at 18:30 GMT. All the details […]
juli 22, 2009

Economic climat hits gaming companies!

Svenska Spel posted earlier this month their result for Jan – Jun 09. The result was 591 Million Swedish kronor in net profit. This is less than […]
juli 21, 2009

Design for your existing players not just new ones!

Today I signed up again at Unibet.com wanting to go over their registration process. The registration flow went smoothly. I just got a little confused when […]
juli 19, 2009

Redesign in 20 minutes (4) – Sportingbet Promo page

I play poker at ParadisePoker.com on a regular basis and today when I wanted to check my gaming history at Sportingbet. When I looked around on […]
juli 17, 2009

All gaming companies should do target group analysis!

Can you design great games and software if you don’t know your players and their goals? In my experience a lot of software are designed without having […]
juli 14, 2009

Social Feature – Time Defined Challenges!

Social gaming portals is the future, but how can you get people to visit you more often? I believe in features giving players the opportunity to […]
juli 12, 2009

Redesign in 20 minutes (3) – Parlay5 bingo client

This week I’ve looked at the Parlay5 bingo client by Parlay. I’ve played on the Rehab Bingo skin. All bingo clients on the market today looks […]
juli 10, 2009

This week’s 20 minute redesign will be…

This weeks 20 minute redesign will be the Parlay Entertainment’s bingo client (Parlay5). So make sure you check back on sunday for the redesign. /Staffan
juli 9, 2009

Online gaming on flights with Ryanair?

Ryanair consider offering in-air gambling on their flights. I flew home from Venice to Stockholm yesterday with Ryanair and it will be very interesting to see […]
juli 5, 2009

No redesign in 20 minutes today.

I am currently on vacation in Dublin so this week’s redesign is postponed until next sunday. /Staffan
juli 3, 2009

When will we see poker team tournaments?

How can poker become a more social game? One way would be to offer poker team tournaments! A team could consist of friends in real life […]
juli 2, 2009

Give me suggestions for the redesign in 20 minutes!

Found a portal or gaming product to be very confusing? Have you had trouble signing up on a gaming portal? I am looking for suggestions for […]
juli 1, 2009

PokerStars misses the asterisk convention!

When I signed up for PokerStars.com I noticed something funny. It happened when I got to step two in the registration process. In this step I […]