juni 30, 2009

Don’t confuse your players by similar alternatives!

I was on Expekt.com the other day and I was having trouble connecting to a game so I thought I would contact the help desk. The […]
juni 28, 2009

Redesign in 20 minutes (2) – Casino Club instant portal

There is a difference between a portal offering games in the browser or games played in a downloadable client. If you offer a downloadable client then […]
juni 26, 2009

Great community feature – Maria’s world

Maria Bingo is one of the few bingo portal having community features. On their portal players have their own personal page including blog, photos, friends and […]
juni 25, 2009

This week’s 20 minute redesign will be…

This weeks 20 minute redesign will be the portal page of the newly released instant casino from Casino Club. So make sure you check back on […]
juni 24, 2009

Conversion Analysis – turn visitors into players

Want to find out how effective your portal is in converting visitors into players? A simple and easy way is to do a conversion analysis. This analysis […]
juni 21, 2009

Redesign in 20 minutes (1) – OnGame Network’s poker lobby

First out in my new section is the start view of OnGame’s poker lobby using the Betsafe skin. When I do the redesign I try to […]
juni 18, 2009

Why hasn’t Web 2.0 hit it big in igaming yet?

Image by Markus Angermeier Web 2.0 has been a buzz word for a few years now. But yet we haven’t seen many gaming portals adapting web […]
juni 17, 2009

Redesign in 20 minutes – new section!

I’m starting a new section on my blog ”A redesign in 20 minutes” which on a regular basis redesign something I think can be improved by […]
juni 16, 2009

Involve your players in your development process!

How do you know if your gaming portal (games) is the right one for your target groups? Do you release software without testing it on real […]
juni 14, 2009

Poker for everyone!

Today many of the largest poker networks give mac users the possibility to play poker in their network. According to Pokerscout.com the largest poker networks are; […]
juni 11, 2009

Ever forgotten your username?

Have you ever forgotten your username for a specific gaming site? I have many times. Why do players have to come up with a username? Most […]
juni 10, 2009

Personalization when? – Gaming Portals 1.5

Gaming companies today have a lot of data about their players; which games he plays how often how long each time how much he likes to […]
juni 10, 2009

From Business to Buttons

The conference From Business to Buttons starts tomorrow here in Malmö. I’ll be there working as a volunteer. From Business to Buttons is the meeting place […]
juni 9, 2009

Why have browser restrictions?

Today I read an article about 32red releasing a personalized slot this year. This got me interested so I went to their website to try out […]
juni 8, 2009

Don’t confuse the player!

William Hill (link asked to be removed by William Hill) has a good registration form, it is very straight forward and gives you your deposit options […]
juni 5, 2009

A new player wants to be able to play as fast as possible!

You (A gaming company) advertise on TV, on websites, in magazines and at sport events with the goal of attracting new players.  If  the potential player […]
juni 4, 2009

The best top navigation?

Is there a reason why the largest gaming portals today use almost the identical top navigation? In the picture above you can see the top navigation […]
juni 3, 2009

Svenska Spel – Annoying pop-up

I always get annoyed when something interupts what I am doing. Recently when I was at Svenska Spel and their bingo I got a pop up […]
juni 2, 2009

Virgin Games launches one-account solution

Virgin Games has announced that they will create a one-account solution for their bingo, casino and poker games. This means that the players only need one […]
juni 2, 2009

Gaming & personalization

PaddyPower has a feature ”my games” in their games section on their site. This is one of the first examples of personalization I’ve seen. I like […]
juni 1, 2009

A new blog

Hi everyone and welcome to a new blog about user experience and igaming. There are a lot of blogs about gaming. This blog will be a […]